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Superhero, Incorporated was founded by Morehouse College and Morgan State University graduate, Maurice R. Mander. Its mission is to use art and creative writing to help improve the quality of life of children.


In 2010, Mander co-authored the Graphic Arts and Comic Book Design Course, which was approved as a credit-bearing course in the Arts and Humanities by the School District of Philadelphia. One year later, using tenants from the course and the talents of Philadelphia-based artist Shawn Alleyne, Mander released the Surian Seed Universe Guide at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con in Philadelphia, PA. Surian Seed is a genre-blending epic detailing the struggle of Trenton, New Jersey-based superheroes faced with a universe-shattering threat. The success of the Surian Seed Universe Guide helped Mander secure a television interview with Fantastic Forum Television, a cable show about pop culture and comics. Soon after that, Mander began visiting schools and colleges to speak about entrepreneurship and the process of using art and creative writing to improve the self-esteem of children. Superhero, Inc. donated gifts to children and college students at each stop, including school supplies, laptops, tablets, and game consoles.


In November 2011, Superhero, Incorporated established the Inaugural Surian Seed Community Youth Event, called "The Launch." With the help of Tesha Goodson and donations from parents and comic books lovers, over $7,000 in toys and educational materials were distributed at "The Launch." In addition, Superhero, Inc. has donated over $20,000 in gifts to children and families.


Superhero, Inc. is currently negotiating with schools to have the Surian Seed Universe Guide and Surian Seed #O serve as supplemental texts for creative writing and art courses. Additionally, Superhero, Inc. now sponsors independent artists and comic book designers at comic cons to help promote entrepreneurship. Mathew Seel of Dreammakersink has joined Superhero Incorporated as its primary artist. 

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